Just let me eat the food!

Just let me eat the food!

Fried local okra, using locally ground organic cornmeal. We used Spectrum gmo- and trans fat-free shortening.

local fried okra

These potatoes were advertised at the market as “fresh dug”. With local butter.

local potatoes corn aaronCorn–self-explanatory–but my question is, we didn’t ask, but how prevalent is GM corn here in NC? Do even small farmers end up growing it inadvertently? It’s partly a math question: if the current stat is that about 70-80% of corn being grown is GMO, and only 10% is organic, then some percentage is non-GMO non-organic corn. Interesting but not particularly encouraging. The odds are not in our favor, especially as the pollen and seeds fly.

This is local steak. I don’t eat steak, so, sorry, I’m not sure what farm to credit. At Deep Roots we sell Running River Ranch beef.completely local meal

Fresh slabs of what looks like a Purple Cherokee tomato. Next time I’m sending Charles and Aaron with a notebook!