I’ll just say:  This is what they’re talking about when they say local food tastes better.

local breakfast ingredients
Butter: local. This isn’t actually the butter we sell at the co-op, so it may contain hormones. Shock, horror! I do not do this very often, and admit it was just convenience, because we ran out and went to the farmer’s market. Usually, I buy Homeland Creamery butter.
french toast in the rough

Eggs: Winding Creek Homestead, the wanderingest, bug-eatingest hens’s eggs you will find outside of your backyard. Can you see how yellow they are? This bright color is a sign of how rich in protein their diets are. I think they are higher in Omega-3s, too, which isn’t something a local farmer is likely to be able to market.

local french toast with apple butterBread: Simple Kneads Bakery, the 7-year-old city bakery that runs on a 100-year-old sourdough culture carried over from Europe.

Apple Butter: I don’t actually know where she got the apples, but my friend made this. It’s delicious.